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Jason Xiggoros

"Dr. Pez and his staff were excellent and I would highly recommend Pearl Dental for anyone looking for a new dentist or is unhappy with their current dentist. Rhonda at the front desk was welcoming and Hannah the assistant was caring and reassuring to a big baby like me. 🙂 Dr. Pez was very informative and efficient and has an unbelievable personality. You can tell the whole office cares about their patients and are dedicated to making the experience as painless as possible! A+"

Rick Crist

"Great Dentist. Friendly staff. They take all the necessary precautions to protect everyone from the Rona. But then, they were already doing many of those things already."

Meisam S

"After years of sensitivity i visited Dr Pezeshki to see what we can do about my tooth. Took few minutes of diagnosing and I was told I needed a root canal so he referred me to an endodontist. After taking care of the root canal I went back to see him for a crown. I should have never waited this long. Now I’m able to enjoy food like a normal person. Thank You!"

Timothy Sullivan

"I drive all the way from Boston to NH to see Dr. Pezeshki. He came recommended by two people I know with the best teeth I have seen. I can’t remember the last time two people told me I need to see one particular dentist. He solved a problem that one friend had that five other dentists couldn’t solve and after that I decided to try him out. He is a perfectionist. Period. He is a competent and deft oral surgeon. I will not go anywhere else. Ever. Even the dental hygienist, Alex, is awesome also. Great staff and great experience. 100% recommended."

Fifi Kim

"Dr. Pez and his staffs are very professional and kind. His expertise and knowledge will take great care of you. I was pretty nervous about getting some dental work done but as soon as I sat on the chair all my worries went away. Thank you Dr. Pez and the amazing staffs."

Sara McGuinness

"Fabulous dental practice! Alex is the best hygienist! Highly recommend! :)"

Christine Bardsley

"Mike says “best cleaning he’s had in a long time” - he’s a new patient! Alex was great! Keep up the good work. Look forward to our next visit!"

Lisa Jaynes-Wolfson

"I absolutely love Pearl Dental. The staff is fantastic - friendly, professional, and happy to answer any questions you have. I've never been excited to go to the dentist before switching over to Pearl, and my teeth have never been healthier. I absolutely recommend them!"

Fara Z

"I had been a patient of Dr. Pez for years (because he was the first dentist I met who had a gentle touch, even with needles) until he moved his practice to southern NH. Out of sheer laziness I looked for a more convenient location/dentist. Well big BIG mistake! After trying three different dental practices, I now know that having a conscientious dentist who will do what’s best for his patients first is hard to find. Three dentists and hygienists missed the fact that I’m developing periodontal disease even though I went for a cleaning every six months. But Alex and Dr. Pez immediately picked up on it and started me on treatment right away. Alex is a rock star hygienist - very detail oriented. The whole practice is run like a well oiled machine. Everyone knows what they’re doing, and the office itself is modern not to mention incredibly clean (and Covid certified!!) and welcoming. From the sweet receptionist Rhonda to his assistant April and hygienist Alex, and of course Dr. Pez, I love them all. If I could give ten stars I would. ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️"

Himan namdari

"Rhonda at the front desk is the sweetest. She greets you with warmth and excitement. Alex is the best hygienist I’ve ever been to. The dentist Dr. Pezeshki was kind, honest, forthcoming and extremely professional. I think I’ve finally found a dental office that meets my expectations. The office is certified Covid clean. Very modern and esthetically pleasing. Great experience."

Colleen Tracy

"Dr. Pez and his team are so welcoming and make you feel comfortable from the moment you walk in the door! I trust them with all my oral care!"

Dawn laplante

"One of Southern NHs Finest! Safety is a Top Priority at this office! From the time you step into the office until you leave you will feel comfortable with all of the CDC and NH Dental Associations Guide lines being instilled. Dr.Pez explains what is needed or what you will be having done that day in detail and will answer any questions to the fullest so you totally have comprehension of what is going to happen. Definitely an office I'll Refer too over and over! I am a temp assistant who has worked in over 50 offices and I can assure you from being in there firsthand- that he is a gentle and knowledgeable dentist to many... I don't have to say that he's nice, I don't have to say that he's professional because I don't work there. That is my honest opinion from over 20 years of experience."

Judie brum

"If you are searching for a Dentist who exceeds your expectations and goes beyond for his patients, look no further! I met Dr. Pez about 4-5 years ago(Southern MA), his work is exceptional, there is no doubt that I would travel to continue my care. And, did I mention he has a great sense of humor... seriously, give them a call, you will not be disappointed."

Christine Caron

"As always, Dr Pez and Alex were great. Rhonda is very pleasant and kind! Alex is such an awesome hygienist and I miss working with her! I felt very comfortable with the new protocols in place, keeping everyone safe during covid. I was impressed! Thanks again, all of you."

Lee Allison

"Fast - no pain - initial work on prep for crown - Friendly staff - comfortable environment"

Dr. Jon

"Dr. Pez has ably replaced Dr. Lerocque who was my dentist afer another practice had been unsatisfactory. Dr Pez is a worthy replacement and has been superb, knowledgable friendly and provides clear explanations of what he is going to do and to do."

Christopher Condo

"Very professional and great personal care. My whole family goes here and we continue to do so because of the care and service provided. They’ve also done a great job keeping the office clean during the pandemic."

Sherilyn Levy

"Dr. P gives the best novacaine injection I have ever received."

Danielle Elwood

"Dr. Pezeshki might just save your life!!! I had a root canal done @10 years ago. Maybe a year or less after I had bleeding around the crown when I would floss (no pain just a weird sensation above it once in a while). I just thought it was a bad reaction to the material of the crown or the fit which is what I was told by several dentists and an Endodontist. Fast forward @6 years from the day I had it done. Still complaining when I would get my teeth cleaned and nothing was coming of it. Then... I saw Dr. P. He was determined to figure it out. I got my xrays from pre root canal to present day. Compared them and presented it to Dr. P. He said he thought it looked like bone decay around the area I had a root canal. Every few years from the root canal day, I would have additional health issues pop up. My immune system was compromised. He said it wasn’t his specialty so he would get a few opinions from oral surgeons and Endodontists. They all said nothing was wrong and it wasn’t bone decay and that the root canal was done to perfection 🙄. Two years later, @40 professionals saying I was wrong, all my savings spent on tests and the best doctors I could find, neurological issues, dropped out of school temporarily due to neurological issues, irregular heart beat and a load of other health problems. Dr. P was the only one who didn’t give up and stood by me. I finally found an oral surgeon to open it up a year after I had it pulled hopeful that would clear things up. Nothing had changed Health wise so he said he would go in “clean it out better” but he didn’t agree there was bone decay. He said among all the other “Harvard trained” doctors I saw, if there was necrotic bone it would 100% show up in my CT scan. Upon waking from anesthesia I was told yes in fact it was necrotic bone on the entirety of my upper right maxillary bone (front to back). Now the option of an implant was off the table from having to shave out so much bone. BUT ... my health improved almost immediately. Within a @month my heartbeat was back to normal, no more headaches or fainting etc. If it hadn’t been for Dr.P I don’t know where I would be if not dead. The oral surgeon said all the symptoms I had were absolutely a result of that. Having an infection under the right side of your brain for so long wouldn’t end well. I owe my life as far as I’m concerned for him. Everyone called me crazy and made it seem like my health problems were unexplainable and maybe just age related. I was 28. I would have given up and just thought myself insane if he didn’t have my back and the knowledge he does. Teeth I’ve learned are one of if not the most important part of your body’s health, the hub. I will never trust anyone else with my mouth health. Thank you sooooo much words can’t describe!"

Cedric Francois

"I’m a physician scientist who had training in maxillofacial surgery before I went into biotech. I have never been with a better dentist in my life than Dr Pezeshki! From diagnostics to a complicated intervention, it was simply extraordinary."

Dario Medina

"If you are looking for a knowledgeable, friendly, detail-oriented and customer-centric services, this is the place for you. I started coming here 5+ Years ago and I am so happy I made the change. I also plan on bringing all three of my daughters to this practice as well when the time is right. Highly recommended!!"

David G.

"Great staff 👍 Extremely clean offices and treatment rooms."

Christina Worcester

"I have been going to get my teeth cleaned here for several years. Alex, my hygienist is absolutely wonderful. On my visit yesterday I had the opportunity to have a sealant put on a tooth by Dr Pez. He was funny and very personable. I felt totally at ease with him. Everyone in this office is amazing and you can’t go wrong. Highly recommend!"

Kurt Mathias

"Great staff. I highly recommend this Dental Office."

David Levy

"I have been a patient of Dr. Pezeshki for many years. I am a demanding patient, and he has always met, if not exceeded, my expectations. His professionalism is evident throughout his practice, and reflective in his staff. Dr. Pezeshki excels in restorative dentistry. I travel from my home in Boston, as I know I will receive the best dental care."


"Amazing place Alex is the best"

Stephanie Aussubel

"Dr Pezeshki is amazing! Not only is he a great dentist but compassionate and patient. He somehow makes going to the dentist actually entertaining. He’s down to earth, has a great sense of humor and professional. I’ve been going to Dr P for almost 15 years."

Lee Brucks

"Dr. Pezeshki (Pez) is just amazing. Dr. Pez has exceptional dental expertise and his staff is tops as well. For anyone who has the highest expectations, you will find what you seek with Dr. Pez. I am proud to call myself a long time patient with him and I highly recommend Dr. Pez to anyone in the area."

Adrienne Trainor

"Dr. Pezeshki is amazing!! I would never go anywhere else. I come from Boston just to see him. He fixed all my concerns and was honest about what I should get done and what I needed. Finding a great dentist is hard and I’m so happy I found him. I never felt any pain on anything he’s very accommodating and professional."

Farshad Bakhtyari

"First time to this office. Needed a broken tooth fixed. Heard about this doctor from a coworker. I was very pleasantly pleased. His staff was super nice and courteous from the second I made the first phone call to the time I left his office after the appointment. The doctor and assistant did an X-ray and gave me all my options and cost estimates so there would be no surprises. Pain free numbing and did a crown on my tooth that it needed. I never once felt pressured. Left and I still haven’t had any pain and it’s been 3 days. I’m definitely switching over to this practice and taking my whole family!!! Thank you Pearl Dental!!!"

Sebastian R

"I had never been to this office before and I have to say that from start to finish, I had a wonderful experience. Dr. Pezeshki helped me with one of my teeth that was bothering for the last few weeks and after just 2 visits it was taken care of. They have friendly staff, a nice office and overall a great experience! I can highly recommend them!!"

Adrienne Trainor

"Dr. Pezeshki is amazing!! I would never go anywhere else. I come from Boston just to see him. He fixed all my concerns and was honest about what I should get done and what I needed. Finding a great dentist is hard and I’m so happy I found him. I never felt any pain on anything he’s very accommodating and professional."

Jan Sapak

"DR Pez has been my dentist for over 15 years. He has always provided the best care and experience! Not only is he skilled and up to date on the latest methods, he is also quite funny! Which definitely puts me at ease."

Carol Moor

"I’ve started coming to Pearl Dental recently and have had the best treatment! Front desk and hygienists are very friendly and accommodating. Dr Pez is gentle and knowledgeable. He is very straightforward and knows what he is doing. I would highly recommend this office!!"


"Pearl Dental Associates is awesome! Dr. Pezeshki is very caring and gentle. He took the time the listen to all my concerns and answer all my questions! I can now say I love going to the dentist!!"

Carlos Avila

"Dr. Pezeshki handled my very complicated implant case and everything has turned out great among the other work he has done for me. I met him when he worked in Boston and I travel to see him as I trust his judgement and honestly. He also was available for questions and concerns along the way like no other. I recommend him to anyone. I also found that staff friendly and great. Keep up the good work!!!"

Parimal Sapovadia

"Dr. Pez is a great dentist but more importantly an awesome person. He takes the time to listen to your needs and comes up with the best treatment plan based on you finances. His staff is very kind and everyone has a smile on their faces. They have been very helpful working with my dental insurance. I highly recommend Dr. Pez!!! Wouldn’t dream of going anywhere else!"

Dicky Phillips

"It is hard to find a great dentist in the Nashua, Manchester and Salem NH area. Dr. Pez and his team are very friendly, personable, and accommodating. It took me years to find a dental office like Pearl."

John Pallotta

"Dr. Farshad Pezeshki has been my personal dentist for the past 15 years. I am likewise a dentist, so you can imagine I am quite particular about who I choose as a practitioner. He is not your average dentist as his skill set is very impressive. He has a very nice bedside manner. You will be hard pressed to find your self in better hands."

Ramzy Abdallah

"Dr. Pezeski and stuff are great. The Dr. is very thorough in the way he explain what dental treatment is needed . He does not pressure the Patient or prescribe unnecessary treatment unless needed. I strongly recommend Pearl Dental associates and Dr. Pezeski."

Amir Sajjadi

"I come here for quality, honest service! Best experience at the dentist. Dr.Pezeshki is the best. I highly recommend this place."

Ramin Rabii

"Dr. Pezeshki is such a great dentist! Like everyone else I am very uncomfortable with getting dental work done. He always takes his time and makes sure I am fully comfortable in the chair. I trusted him so much I brought my mom to Dr. Pezeshki. She had some terrible caps done over seas. He replaced them all with sparkling white veneers. His work is so amazing. Definitely pays attention to all the little details. I highly recommend coming in and getting a consultation."

Amina rizvi

"Dr. Pez is awesome! I do not enjoy going to see the dentist. Like most - I too have a fear but after meeting with Dr Pezeshki and his team I now enjoy my visits. From the admin to clinical they are patient and listen to my concerns and give me the answers I need to hear and not what I want to hear."


"I had a great experience at my first time at this office. The staff and Dr. Pez are great! Dr. Pez really takes the time to make sure that you have the best experience every time you visit! Would highly recommend Pearl Dental Associates to everyone!"

DeboraZeid Moretto-Nabulsi

"I hate going to the dentist as it is never a fun experience for me. Everyone at Dr. Pezeshki office is so nice and welcoming. Dr. Pezeshki is very kind and thorough with his explanations making me feel comfortable and secure that I am getting the best done. Recently I replaced a crown and I am extremely impressed of the quality and perfection of his job. I've been to a several dentists and by far Dr. Pezeshki is the best!!!!"

Melanie Rubino

"I recommend everyone to Pearl Dental Associates. Dr. Farshad Pezeshki and his staff are extremely knowledgeable, friendly and always make you feel comfortable. I’ve had multiple dental procedures done by Dr. Pez beyond your standard cleaning. I have always been extremely satisfied. Also Alex is the best hygienist I’ve ever been to. Thorough, meticulous and very smart. I promise you will be in good hands. *5 Stars*"

Zeid Nabulsi

"Still the best!!!! Dr Pezeshki is the best in the business. His staff is amazing! The place is modern and the cleansiness makes you feel right at home!"

Deanne Lombardi

"I’ve been going to Dr. Pezeshki for years. I wouldn’t have it any other way with any other dentist; not another like him. He’s great at what he does; he leads with confidence and you feel always as if your in “safe hands”. Honestly most dentist experiences are well.... just that. Not with Dr. Pezeshki and his staff they are so kind, funny, down to earth nice people. I can say I actually look forward to and enjoy going to the dentist. Right??! Unheard of! Lastly- I drive from MA. to NH. for my appointments there are a thousands of dentist far closer.... Enough said! #DRPEZESKI4MAYOR✌🏼."

Regina Ressin

"I was privileged to have my dental work done by Dr . Pezeshki. His dental work gave me a lot of confidence and a beautiful smile ."

Rayan Kafri

"This will be your last dentist you search for!!!! I love coming to the dentist because of dr Pezeshki!!! He’s the most honest dentist I’ve had in years. Always educating me on what I see in the xrays and how to read them. I couldnt be happier! Incredible fast service and lovely doctor & staff. A+"

Christina Haag

"I have a complicated dental history and needed six crowns in the front of my mouth completed. My orthodontist recommended Dr. LaRocque and he was fabulous. He took the time to understand my concerns and did a superior job making my crowns look natural. He refused to settle when the result was not exactly what he had hoped for. Thanks to Dr. LaRocque, I have a natural looking smile! I would highly recommend him!"

Sandy Benson

"Dr. LaRocque is the best dentist in New England -- not just New Hampshire -- bar none!"

Aaron Cornell

"Wonderful people and excellent work. Alex does an amazing cleaning, has a great personality and is always a pleasure. Rhonda at the front desk is knowledgeable, friendly and super easy to work with. Dr. Pez is straight forward and efficient with a great bedside manner. Highly recommend in my book."

Sue D'Angelo

"Dr Pez is very professional, personable and caring for your well being. He is a great addition to the Nashua area."

Alexis R.

"Dr. Pez has been incredibly thorough, kind, flexible, and transparent with all the care I have needed and I would recommend this practice to anyone. Additionally, all the dental hygienists are excellent and so is the front desk staff. Best dental experience I’ve ever had!"

David L.

"My dentist, Dr. Pezeshki, is exceptional. His attention to detail is extraordinary.  Every procedure he has performed, whether cosmetic or otherwise, has produced an excellent result.  I should add that I am very serious about my dental care, am a demanding patient, and find my expectations have been met by Dr. Pezeshki."

Roghieh Y.

"Dr Pez is amazing and super gentle. super friendly staff also. I was happy with my experience there."

John P.

"Dr. Farshad Pezeshki has been my personal dentist for the past 15 years. I am likewise a dentist, so you can imagine I am quite particular about who I choose as a practitioner. He is not your average dentist as his skill set is very impressive. He has a very nice bedside manner. You will be hard pressed to find your self in better hands."

Adrienne T.

"I love this dental office! I saw Dr. Farshad Pezeshki and he fixed my teeth exactly how I wanted. They look so perfect now! Super friendly and accommodating. I’m loving my new smile. So happy I found this office. I wouldn’t change dentists for anything."

Stephanie D.

"I want to stress how great Dr. Pezeshki and the team are. I'm just thrilled about how good my mouth looks every time I leave there, fillings and all.  Dr. P continues to be both caring and excellent.  I will continue to come here for years to come."

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