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Pearl Dental Associates is pleased to offer the most convenient, high-quality, and affordable dental care to residents of Hudson, NH and the surrounding areas. We are a preventive dental practice dedicated to assisting our patients in achieving optimal oral health.

The first step in ensuring that your teeth are well cared for is to find a dental office near Hudson with a good reputation. We endeavor to make our patients feel as relaxed and at ease as possible at Pearl Dental Associates. We use cutting-edge technology and materials to ensure that your teeth and mouth look and feel great in our dental practice.

Pearl Dental Associates' expert dentist guarantee that you get the dental care you need to attain maximum dental health. We provide general, cosmetic, and implant dentistry procedures so that you can smile when you leave our office.

Dental Services

Pearl Dental Associates delivers quality dental care to people of all ages near Hudson, NH. Dr. Farshad Pezeshki and his team work hard to establish a relaxing atmosphere in which patients can receive the dental care they require. 

Our general, cosmetic and restorative procedures, such as cleanings, exams, bridges, dental implants crowns, and more, are all designed to help you achieve a beautiful smile. We want to be your family's one-stop shop for all dental needs.

Here are some of the dental services we offer.

Restorative Dentistry 

At Pearl Dental Associates, we provide a comprehensive variety of restorative dentistry services for teeth that have been damaged by dental illness or injury. 


When food debris or plaque builds up on a tooth, it provides fuel for the natural bacteria in your mouth to begin a cavity. This could be fixed by removing all of the decay and filling the tooth with a filling

Traditional or silver fillings can still be utilized to restore a tooth, although they are not as aesthetic as modern filling materials. The only reason to replace amalgam fillings for persons who already have them is if the filling is decayed or cracked.  We are an amalgam-free practice at Pearl Dental Associates, and we exclusively use cosmetic white fillings, often known as composites. They have the same strength and longevity as amalgams, but they look better!

Crowns and Bridges 

Crowns and bridgework are a very dependable option for serious dental problems caused by accidents, infections, root canal therapy, extensive decay, or even wear and tear known as "microfractures." 

This is a highly effective method for correcting the most serious dental issues, including replacing missing teeth to recreate a whole smile and a functional bite.

Root Canals 

One of the most popular dental procedures is a root canal. It can help you keep your natural teeth and avoid the need for dental implants or bridges down the road. It can be excruciatingly painful if the pulp, or collection of blood vessels in the center of your tooth, becomes infected. 

The removal of the diseased pulp and cleaning/sealing of the root canal results in a high level of success. A root canal isn't considered finished until a crown is set on top of the tooth to protect it from the stresses of chewing.


Extractions should only be used as a last resort for teeth that have been determined to be "unrestorable" by previous treatments. During your appointment, we will be able to go over all of your tooth-related options.

Cosmetic Dentistry

Many people aspire to have a perfectly straight, white smile. Cosmetic dental work may be an option if you're self-conscious about your smile because of stains or overlapping teeth. 

Teeth often grow in crooked, don't have enough room, and darken as a result of particular foods and drinks. Your Hudson cosmetic dentists offer a wide range of services to help you attain a smile you can be proud of.

We can find a solution that works for you, whether you're concerned about covering up stains from years of coffee and tea or missing teeth and want to replace those gaps.

Pearl Dental Associates places a high premium on patient comfort and care, which is why they go to great measures to make you feel at ease. Are you unsure which dental services would be best for you? Our dentists can meet with you to discuss your oral and cosmetic objectives. Then we'll collaborate with you to create a customized strategy that suits your requirements.

Preventative Dentistry

We take a full set of digital x-rays during the first appointment to ensure a thorough examination. Compared to traditional film x-rays, the method of digitally capturing a picture is faster, safer, and more pleasant. The dentist will perform a thorough dental examination in order to establish the sort of treatment and cleaning that is required.


You may require one of three types of cleaning, depending on the results of your consultation: prophylaxis for some light debris, a full-mouth debride for heavier debris, and scaling and root planning for those with periodontal bone loss.

Deep cleanings

Not everyone is eligible for a standard cleaning. To keep your teeth healthy, you'll require a deeper cleaning if you have periodontal bone loss or bacterial buildup beneath your gum line. We'll be able to determine whether this is the best option for you and your teeth, and it's critical that you have the operation completed if necessary.


Sealants are a crucial cavity-prevention tool, particularly during early adolescence, when dental hygiene may be inadequate and the posterior adult teeth are forming. The American Dental Association strongly advises getting sealants whenever possible.

Emergency Dental Care

If you need urgent dental care near Hudson, NH, we're happy to help at Pearl Dental Associates.

Dental emergencies are never nice, but they can occur at any time, so if you require the services of an emergency dentist near Hudson, NH, we can assist you.

Call us right away if you have a dental emergency, no matter what time it is. Dr. Pezeshki can help you identify and treat your dental emergency the same day.

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