What's Rotary, Single-Visit Root Canal Treatment?

Electronics have made many tasks much easier to accomplish: you can push a button and your garage door will lift automatically, saving root canalyou the hassle of getting out of your car to pull the door open. Blenders and food processors quickly and effectively mix and chop ingredients in the kitchen. In the field of dentistry, electric polishers and other tools have improved dental professionals' jobs. While root canals have traditionally been performed with manual instruments, your Nashua, New Hampshire dentist is proud to offer rotary root canals as a way of making the entire process simpler and more comfortable, especially since they can be completed in a single visit.

What is a root canal?

If an injury or decay reaches the root of a tooth, the resulting damage can be very painful. That's because cracks or decay allow the infection to get inside the inner tissues of teeth. Your Nashua dentist can save the tooth from extraction with a root canal by removing the inner tissues, including the nerves, and replacing them with a rubber material. A porcelain crown completes the root canal and further strengthens the visible portion of the tooth.

How is a rotary root canal different?

For many years, root canals have been performed using manual files, which produce an uncomfortable sound and sensation for many patients. Since they're made of stainless steel, these files are rigid, requiring the dentist to spend extra time during the procedure to make sure the entire tooth is cleared of infection. Rotary root canals, however, are performed with an electrical instrument that uses a tip made of nickel titanium. This strong metal is much more flexible than stainless steel, allowing your Nashua dentist to more efficiently reach the inner portions of the affected tooth and ensure that the entire infection has been eradicated. The machine's movements are also much quieter and smoother than the manual tools, giving the patient a better, less nerve-wracking experience overall.

No one wants to have a root canal, but if you need one, wouldn't you prefer the rotary method? To schedule an appointment with us in Nashua, New Hampshire, give our office a call today!

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