Night Guards Save Your Clenched Teeth

Night Guards Your Nashua dentist knows how to protect your teeth from the effects of teeth grinding.

When we go to bed at night the last thing you really want to do is pop in a night guard. Sure, they aren’t the most attractive thing you could wear, but some people’s teeth grinding is so destructive that they whittle their teeth down to nothing. This also increases the chances of fracturing or chipping your teeth. Your Nashua dentist recommends that bruxists say yes to an evening night guard if they truly value their smiles.

What are night guards?

Night guards are plastic protective covers that go over your upper and lower teeth to protect them from the wear and tear of teeth grinding and clenching.

Are there different kinds of night guards to choose from?

Depending on how your grind your teeth, some patients may only need night guards that fit over the first six front teeth. While more aggressive teeth, grinders may need full coverage while they sleep.

Also, even though you can find some stock night guards at your local drugstore, they aren’t the same custom-fitted kinds you can get from your Nashua dentist; therefore, they will not offer the same fit and protection that custom-made night guards can.

Are night guards right for me?

Are you a teeth grinding or clenching? Has your Nashua dentist diagnosed you with bruxism or noticed that your teeth are being to wear down? If so, then a night guard could be the answer you need to protect your smile from further damage.

What should I expect when I see my Nashua dentist for a night guard?

Since your Nashua dentist custom designs each mouth guard to fit each patient’s unique smile, the first thing we will do is take impressions of your teeth so that we can create a night guard that offers a superior fit.

From these impressions, we will mold these night guards especially for you. Then we will have you come back in and try on your new night guards to make sure that they offer the ultimate protection for your smile. The process is painless and simple.

If you are a nighttime teeth grinder or clencher, then it’s time to protect your smile from wear and tear. Find out if a night guard is this right option for you. Schedule a consultation today with your Nashua dentist.

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