Dental Implants ImageWhen it comes to modern dental technology, we dedicated to bringing in state-of-the-art equipment to  Nashua area practice so patients can get top-notch dental services. And advanced technology is key to assisting with advanced dental treatments. In our office, we offer some of the most popular restorative procedures in the field, including a dental implant. Multiple studies have revealed that a permanent tooth replacement procedure is up to 98 percent successful, and we ensure precise dental implant placement with the help of 3-D cone beam scanning. 

What is 3-D Cone Beam?

It’s a three-dimensional scan of a patient’s teeth and surrounding jaw structure. Getting precise dimensions of your dental makeup helps us determine the position of the implant, and we can take the neighboring teeth into consideration. And it only takes roughly 15 seconds. This imaging software also allows to rule out any dental abnormalities because studies show that cone beam scanning can find 25 percent more dental abnormalities than traditional X-rays. 
We will also be able to measure and evaluate your precise bone density and structure, as well as move, manipulate and magnify an aspect of the 3-D image to determine if an implant is a good option for you. In short, three-dimensional images and software make treatment planning much easier for the patient and dentist.

More Information on Dental Implants

Now that you understand the technologies we use to ensure your implants are perfect, here is the procedure for the placement of the implants:
  • Dental implants are surgically placed in the upper or lower jaw, which is the first step to anchoring a synthetic crown. 
  • We wait for the bone to heal and attach to the implant. 
  • We add an abutment to the screw-like implant. The abutment is the element that connects the implant and synthetic crown. 
To learn more about 3-D cone bean imaging and our dental implant procedure, contact our Nashua dental office at (603)883-6010 or click here for an appointment: schedule an appointment
Have you ever had a dental implant? Was 3-D cone imaging used? We would love to hear what you think about this new technology!