Why Flossing is Important?

Gum DiseaseLearn more about the many benefits that flossing affords those who properly care for their smiles.

You’ve probably heard your Nashua dentist tells you that it’s important that you floss your teeth each day, but you may be wondering why flossing is so vital to your oral health. What is it about that thin piece of string that can protect not only your teeth and gums from problems but your general health, as well? Find out the many health advantages you can reap when you floss daily.

Reduce your risk of gum disease

If you aren’t a flosser then you’ve probably experienced the dreaded scraping at your regular dental visit to remove tartar. Tartar is a hardened plaque that forms along the gums. Once tartar appears the only way to remove it is by seeing your Nashua dentist for a professional cleaning. Luckily flossing and brushing teeth every day can prevent tartar altogether.

Flossing helps by dislodging plaque from between teeth so it is unable to turn into tartar. By flossing regularly, you can keep this buildup from happening. Unfortunately for those who don’t floss and often don’t see their dentists they are significantly more likely to develop gum disease, an inflammatory infection that can cause tooth and bone loss. Prevent gum disease altogether by flossing regularly. Your checkbook will certainly thank you!

Prevent certain systemic diseases

You may think that flossing is only good for your oral health, but think again! In fact, research has found that the bacteria in your mouth can actually negatively impact your overall health, too. If you want to keep heart disease, respiratory disorders and diabetes at bay, then it might be time to start flossing those teeth. Flossing only takes a couple of minutes each day and this little habit could actually help you live longer.

Want to know how to floss properly to get the best clean you can? Then turn to your Nashua dentist to show you the ropes when it comes to flossing techniques. Feel free to ask us the next time you come in for your routine visit.

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