How Dental Bonding Can Help Your Smile

What your dentist in Nashua wants you to know about dental bonding

Would you like to help your smile? Now, you can improve your smile quickly and easily with dental bonding. You can repair the small dental bondingimperfections in your teeth and restore your smile to greatness. You want people to notice your beautiful smile again, and now they will, thanks to dental bonding. Our dentist in Nashua, New Hampshire wants you to discover what dental bonding can do for you and your smile.

The dental bonding procedure uses composite, a liquid resin material which your dentist can sculpt and model perfectly to blend with your teeth. This composite can also be color-matched, to provide a seamless look to your smile. People will notice your smile, not your fillings. Dental bonding is also non-invasive.

Dental bonding can repair the small chips and cracks in your teeth. The procedure can also repair many common dental issues including:

  • Uneven wear patterns on aging teeth
  • Rotated or slightly overlapped teeth
  • Closing small spaces or gaps in your smile
  • Changing the color of discolored, stained or yellowed teeth

Your dental bonding treatment begins with your dentist in Nashua preparing your teeth with an etching liquid. This liquid creates tiny indentations in your tooth surface, to help retain the composite. The liquid is rinsed off, and a bonding agent is applied. This agent creates a strong bond between the composite and your tooth. The composite is applied, and your dentist in Nashua will sculpt the material to provide a completely natural look. The composite is hardened using a state-of-the-art ultraviolet light. As a final step, your dentist will polish and further shape your bonding treatment to perfection.

Dental bonding can help give you the smile you deserve, a smile you can show off and be proud of. Don’t wait when it comes to your smile! Get started on the road to looking great with dental bonding, Call  your dentist in Nashua, New Hampshire today and find out more about how dental bonding can help! Call today!

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