Five Reasons Why You Shouldn't Be Afraid of Seeing a Dentist

As many as three-fourths of Americans have experienced fear or anxiety related to going to the dentist. A smaller portion, about 10 percent, has experienced a more severe form of fear called dental phobia.
At our Nashua, NH dentist’s office, our goal is to provide high-quality dental care in a comforting environment. We’ve created our top five list of reasons why you should not be afraid or anxious when you visit our office.
1. Our dentist is an experienced dentist.
As a practicing dentist with three decades of experience, our dentist understands that patients may have some anxiety and fear related to going to the dentist. His calm and personable chairside manner and dental knowledge have put thousands of his Nashua, NH dentist patients at ease over the years.
2. We practice gentle dentistry.
A common misconception of dentistry is that all dental procedures have to hurt. The opposite is true. Dental procedures are intended to relieve pain, not cause it. This is especially true for preventive dental exams, which are intended to clean and strengthen teeth with fluoride treatments to prevent pain-causing decay.
3. You are caring for your overall health.
A trip to the dentist means more than ensuring your teeth look good. Your dental health is important to your overall health. If harmful bacteria build up in your mouth, they can potentially travel to your bloodstream and cause infection. Each time you care for your teeth and make a six-month trip to our office, you are doing something good for your overall health.
4. Your safety and health is our number one concern.
At our office, patients are number one. If you have dental fears, we invite you to share these with us and we can take steps to relieve anxiety. From soothing music during a cleaning to hand signals that help us identify when you are feeling anxious during a dental procedure, we are here to help.
5. We are here to help.
Our dental practice focuses on providing patients the best and healthiest outcomes. We are truly here to help you maintain your dental health -- not to hurt. We take measures to keep you as comfortable as possible as all times.
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